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Laws banning so-called genocidal ideology that were adopted to deter a resurgence of sectarian or hate speech are also used to squelch even legitimate criticism of the government. Against this backdrop, it is difficult to gauge sentiment about the effectiveness of reconciliation efforts, including Umuganda. In , the last year for which the figures are available, the country deemed reconciliation in Rwanda was at On this morning in Mbyo, none of the villagers openly questioned Umuganda or the wider reconciliation process.

Kwizera said, praising a government he sees as essential for charting a path forward. Like others in this generation, who have been taught from their earliest school days to suppress any sense of ethnic identity, he considers himself simply Rwandan. Pastor Deo Gashagaza, who helped found the organization, created a process to connect Rwandans who had been imprisoned for participating in the slaughter with the families they harmed, and encourage dialogue through community-centered activities. Gashagaza said.

In these villages, reconciliation is not just a moment. It is a way of life. On a patch of property shaded by yellow flowering trees, Jacqueline Mukamana and Mathias Sendegeya sat side by side shelling peanuts and tossing them into a metal pan. At first glance, the pair could be mistaken for husband and wife, leaning against each other with ease as they shucked the nuts.

They were neighbors before the genocide and have known each other most of their lives, after growing up in a nearby village. In , Ms.

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Mukamana was Her father, six brothers, five sisters and nine uncles were killed that April. She fled to Burundi.

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When she returned, her family home was destroyed. Sendegeya was among the group that killed her father and four other members of her family, a fact that both speak about frankly but without much detail. While Mr.

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  4. Sendegeya takes responsibility for the murders, he believes that the political leaders of the past orchestrated the killings and that without that influence, his life would have been very different. I offended them gravely.

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    When he was in jail, he was waiting for death, and reconciliation never crossed his mind, he said. Sendegeya re-entered society through a program that allows perpetrators to be released if they seek forgiveness from their victims. While in prison, he had reached out to Ms. Mukamana through Prison Fellowship Rwanda.

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    Mukamana explained. There is no problem between us. At first, Mr. Sendegeya feared for his safety. He thought that the genocide survivors living in Mbyo would kill him for what he had done. At the first community meeting that brought all of the residents together, he found it difficult to sit across from them, or even raise his eyes from the ground. After moving to Mbyo, Ms. Mukamana had her own fears.

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